The Essential Screwdrivers for Video Game Repairs

In the realm of video game repairs, having the right tools is critical, and the humble screwdriver will make or break your repair.

The Phillips head screwdriver takes center stage, effortlessly handling the majority of console disassembles. Its cross-shaped tip secures and releases screws with ease, making it a staple for most gaming devices. These are present on almost all consoles in some fashion ranging from the Gameboy to the Playstation.

For most modern consoles, the Torx screwdriver steps into the spotlight. With its star-shaped head, it adeptly manages specialized screws, ensuring a smooth disassembly process. Most recently these can be found on the PS5 (Playstation 5) and Xbox Series Consoles.

Nintendo enthusiasts, on the other hand, often rely on the Tri-wing screwdriver. Tailored for Nintendo consoles, its three-wing design conquers unique screws, opening the majority of Nintendo consoles from NES to Switch.

Though rare, the flathead screwdriver remains versatile, capable of tackling various purposes including as a pry tool and a laser tuning device.

Ensure your toolkit has these screwdrivers prior to starting any repair. Nothing is worse than starting a repair you can't finish due to lack of the correct tools.
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